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QuickBrownFox Media is a multimedia production company specializing in Web-based documentaries, graphic journalism, and other digital storytelling projects. Executive Producer Carrie Ching led multimedia projects at the Center for Investigative Reporting for six years — she pioneered and developed CIR’s award-winning animated and graphic journalism initiatives. Have a project for us? Contact us at info@quickbrownfoxmedia.com.

LEVEL 14 for ProPublica


The calls for help came day and night from the group home for troubled children in Davis, California. Dozens a day – to the police, to state authorities, the unending pleas chronicling sexual assaults and suicide tries, runaways and random violence. A rescue was mounted too late, and the disaster in Davis to this day haunts those it touched. This is the story of Sule Anibaba, who worked as a counselor at the Davis home for five years, emerging both damaged and ashamed.

This illustrated documentary short was directed and produced by Carrie Ching, reported by Joaquin Sapien, and illustrated by Marina Luz for ProPublica. Watch the video and learn more.



Correspondent Confidential is a storytelling series about the human side of journalism—illustrating how the work a reporter does spills into his or her personal life in unexpected ways. In the first episode, photojournalist Mimi Chakarova takes us deep into the sex trade of Eastern Europe, where she masqueraded as a prostitute to gain access. This monthly series of illustrated documentary shorts is produced by QuickBrownFox Media for VICE. See the series trailer and episodes.